Report & results


Due to the success of our Team Challenge event we decided to use the same team format ( selectively pairing up an IOM sailor with a Laser sailor ) for our Australia Day regatta.

The only change was to stipulate that sailors keep the start/finish line clear during the team changeover unless actually changing batons.

12 boats took part giving us 6 teams. The most challenging part of the day was each team having to come up with a printable team name !

The weather gods were kind to us – initially not much wind & pretty hot while we set up. Luckily the wind arrived, north to north easterly 15-20km/h or 8-12 knots for those that prefer the nautical lingo.

The wind steadily increased throughout the day – we could not have asked for better weather.

All IOMs sailed with A Rig all day & the Lasers used B rig, with a couple of exceptions who used a C rig later in the day.

In total we had 13 races – each race comprising two rounds of the course for the Lasers & the same for the IOMS. BBQ lunch ably cooked by Adele – amazing burgers. Only negative was trying to concentrate during the last race before lunch with the aromas coming from the BBQ !

The day was won by Geoff Morris ( Laser ) / Nick Lindsley ( IOM ) with 26 points, closely followed by Bob Caldow ( Laser ) / Kim Mitchell ( IOM ) on 29 points & third Roger Frith ( Laser ) / David Clifton-Dobing ( IOM ) on 36 points.

Our appreciation goes to members that arrived early for set up & to those that helped pack up at the end of the day. Thank you to Gwen Warne for her scoring skills, ably assisted by Diane Lewis.

A very pleasurable event both in the sailing skills and the teamwork demonstrated.

Photos to come shortly