2023 AGM & SPECIAL MEETING Information & Documents

Wednesday 13th December – 5pm

Attached are 5 documents, they are for the General Meeting which will follow the AGM on 13 December 2023. I know there is a lot there but please read them, discuss them with others, ask questions of the Membership Committee or call me – its your Club.

What is being proposed are:

1 Changes to the SCRSC’s Constitution

2 Changes to the By Laws

3 Inclusion of the Member Protection Policy. 

To help you wade through the documents I have written an outline on the changes. This outline is the “GENERAL MEETING DOCUMENTS Dec 23” it indicates the changes, their location within the document and the thinking behind the changes. A kind of executive summary. A lot of the changes are just bringing the constitution up-to-date, fixing minor typos and making some of the wording clearer. The major changes are the proposed introduction of the DF 65 / 95 classes and the membership category changes which we discussed at the General Meeting earlier this year.

The SCRSC Constitution Ver 2.1 are the proposed changes to the Club’s Constitution. Deletions are marked in red additions are in green. For the less trusting the current constitution is on the Club’s website for comparison.

The SCRSC By Laws Ver 2.0 are the proposed amendments to the Club’s By Laws. Again I have used the red/green system.

The SCRSC Member Protection Policy Ver 2.0 outlines the way in which the Club should conduct its functions. This is included because members need to agree to support the policy as part of their membership.

Finally, there is a proxy form for those who will not be attending the AGM / GM. In this way you can still have your say by using this form. If you are in doubt about your attendance you can complete the proxy and redeem it at the meeting if you do attend.

I will ask Mark to put them up on the website. If you have any problems downloading contact me.

Richard Brady Commodore Sunshine Coast Radio Sailing Club Mobile: 0407014340 Email: commodore@scrsc.org.au

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Richard Brady on 0407 014 340 or mark Lewis on 0424 787 884. Please advise as to whether you wiill be attending the meeting or not . Partners welcome. – RSVP : E mail secretary@scrsc.org.au